Sales Team Training Program

Our Sales Team Training Program is Designed to Forge Strong, Lasting Relationships with Buyers.

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Sales Managers Learn How To:

  • Coach how to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with clients/buyers
  • Bridge the gap between leads and sales
  • Finesse and coach account development and sales management
  • Overcome resistance to coaching
  • Develop customized coaching plans tailored to each person based on ROI

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Relationship Building and Management

Sales relationship building starts with a personal connection which can be established based on common interests, associations and liking one another. In addition to that, business value is also an important aspect. Does the buyer see value in associating with you as well as purchasing something from you? Personal connection comes first, followed by business value.

Bridging the Gap Between Leads and Sales

Define and communicate your competitive advantage clearly to help the potential buyer understand why they should choose you. Develop a proposal to help prospects understand how you can solve their problem, to eliminate doubt and be top-of-mind. Techniques like these and many others are taught to help bridge the gap between leads and actual sales.

Understanding Account Development and Sales Management

Once you onboard a client, it’s important to keep them and continue to develop a relationship with them providing solutions instead of selling. Create an account management strategy designed specifically for each client to answer and target their specific needs. 

Overcome Resistance to Coaching

Overcoming and teaching others how to overcome the feelings of defensiveness, fear, confusion and other negative feelings is what can elevate your sales team’s performance. These feelings are natural and there are ways to address them to overcome resistance to coaching and feedback.

Customized Coaching Plans Based on ROI

Every team member is unique which means that a unique approach is required to produce the best results. Frequently reviewing the performance and ROI to make adjustments based on these numbers as well as allocating coaching time can significantly improve the sales numbers. 

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About the Founder

Mitchel Zelman

Mitchel Zelman is an E&S broker with a passion for business.

Mitch successfully managed a large and diverse book of business by developing solutions for complicated risks.

He is known for his innovative approach to problem-solving, and his ability to create connections with agents and carriers. Due to these admirable qualities, Mitchel quickly became a mentor to new talent entering the industry.

Mitchel Zelman