What Is The Last Look?

The true secret of sales success is building relationships with your customers

“Last Look” consulting is based on the premise of being personable and developing relationship equity between you, the salesperson, and your customer. 

In most cases, customers buy from people they like better or share a bond with over other people they may not have a relationship with – All things being relatively equal.

In theory, after building a meaningful relationship, even if your initial quote is high, if the customer likes you and wants to do business with you, you will get the “last look”.

In some cases, a customer who receives a better competitive offer would even share the quote with you, because they want to ultimately buy from you and want to give you the advantage of knowing how to stay competitive.

About the Founder

Mitchel Zelman

Mitchel Jason Zelman is an E&S broker with a passion for business.

Mitch successfully managed a large and diverse book of business by developing solutions for complicated risks.

He is known for his innovative approach to problem-solving, and his ability to create connections with agents and carriers. Due to these admirable qualities, Mitchel quickly became a mentor to new talent entering the industry.

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