Mitchel Zelman Presents Awards to the Winners of the Lighthouse Point Yacht Club Kids Fishoff

Young anglers participated in the annual Lighthouse Point Yacht Club (LHPYC) Kids Fishoff Contest. The winners were announced and presented with a bucket load of prizes for the catches they brought in.

“Seeing the excitement on a young angler’s face when they catch a fish gives me pure joy and happiness,” Said Mitchel Zelman, a fishing committee member. “The kids who went out there showed what it’s like to participate in a contest for the fun and love of the sport – creating happy memories”.
Mitchel was excited to be there to announce the winners of the Kids Fishoff Contest and present them with their well-deserved awards.

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Mitch Zelman Shares Six Tips To Becoming A Successful E&S Property and Casualty Broker

To be successful in the E&S property and casualty insurance world, it is important to have several essential skills. From networking, relationship building, and selling skills to knowledge of the market, several things go into being a top broker. However, one of the most important things for success is having a firm grasp of insurance basics and training with experienced brokers in, the industry. This includes learning about the nuances of each policy, how they work and what is needed to process them. Mitch Zelman will discuss some tips that can help you succeed in the industry in this post.

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Entrepreneur Mitch Zelman Recently Launched the Last Look Consulting Group Website

Finance expert Mitch Zelman recently launched the Last Look Consulting Group website. Last Look Consulting Group offers sales training and business consultation programs to help companies build strong relationships with clients.

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 7, 2022 / Entrepreneur and broker Mitchel Zelman has launched a website for his new firm called Last Look Consulting Group. The sales training and consulting firm have the goal of helping professionals and companies thrive in building healthy relationships with current and future clients.

Being an entrepreneur and broker, he has several years of experience dealing with clients in various industries. Having extensive client-facing interactions, he recognized the importance of the “Last Look,” a business ethic of developing strong customer relationships.

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Last Look Consulting Group Founder Mitchel Zelman Continues to Stay Involved in the Community

Mitchel Zelman is the Chairman of the Fishing Committee for Lighthouse Point Yacht Club, Noodle Station partner, and founder of Last Look Consulting Group.

FORT LAUDERDALE , FL, USA, January 28, 2022

Mitchel Zelman makes it a priority to stay involved in the community. Between being a top fundraiser for multiple non-profit organizations to giving back in the more day-to-day activities, such as donating time to local fishing organizations, community involvement is extremely valued by Zelman and his consulting firm.

Chairman of the Fishing Committee for Lighthouse Point Yacht Club Mitch Zelman caught one of the largest Wahoo off Harbor Island Bahamas last year.

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