Another Big Time Celebration for Noodle Station’s “Will Tell Jokes for Noodz” Comedy Show Event.

Noodle Station continues to bring laughter to the local Fort Lauderdale area with yet another comedy show. Abby Ballin will be returning as the host of the “Will Tell Jokes for Noodz”.

“Tonight’s event will be memorable for everyone. Comedians, guests, staff, and I will remember all the successful shows we have had over the last two years with our host, Abby Ballin. ‘Will Tell Jokes for Noodz’ is one of the best shows around and you definitely can’t miss this one,” said Mitchel Jason Zelman, co-owner of Noodle Station.

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Mitchel Zelman Scholarship is Still Accepting Student Applicants for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

BOCA RATON, FL, USA, May 31, 2022 / — Insurance broker and entrepreneur Mitchel Zelman is once again hosting his annual scholarship program for college students in 2022-2023. After the July 31, 2022 deadline, a winner will be selected to receive the $1,000 scholarship.

The Mitch Zelman Scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to those who are currently continuing their academic endeavors by attending college or university.

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Mitchel Zelman Presents Awards to the Winners of the Lighthouse Point Yacht Club Kids Fishoff

Young anglers participated in the annual Lighthouse Point Yacht Club (LHPYC) Kids Fishoff Contest. The winners were announced and presented with a bucket load of prizes for the catches they brought in.

“Seeing the excitement on a young angler’s face when they catch a fish gives me pure joy and happiness,” Said Mitchel Zelman, a fishing committee member. “The kids who went out there showed what it’s like to participate in a contest for the fun and love of the sport – creating happy memories”.
Mitchel was excited to be there to announce the winners of the Kids Fishoff Contest and present them with their well-deserved awards.

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Mitchel Zelman Discusses How Scholarships Are Lessening The Financial Burden Of Higher Education

Around the world, students are heading off to college or university. Some are heading off for the first time while others are returning after taking a few years off to work or raise a family. Regardless of which category you fall into, scholarships can and do play a key role in lessening the financial burden of higher education.

Mitchel Zelman is an enthusiastic supporter of scholarships and wants to see more students win them so they can ease the financial burden of higher education and get a jump on building a career.

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Mitchel Zelman Discusses 5 Reasons a Business Can Fail in Its First Year and How You Can Prevent It

Almost half of new businesses don’t last a full year, proving passion alone is not enough.

So why do businesses fail? Is there something inherent about startups that makes them destined to fail? And what can you do as a new business owner to protect yourself and ensure that your company has the best possible chances of success?

Today Mitchel Zelman is sharing his knowledge with us, helping to answer the question of why so many startups fail in the first year and offering tips on how to avoid failures in your own company.

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Food Critic Award-Winning Noodle Station Finishes 2021 Strong

Fort Lauderdale restaurant, Noodle Station, had an excellent 2021, appearing on TV and winning food critic awards.


Noodle Station, a Fort Lauderdale restaurant serving noodle bowls, bao, and beer, had an exceptional year in 2021. The fast-casual eatery appeared on Food Network and the Cooking Channel, won food critic awards, and has impressed many diners with their “Asian soul food.”

The idea for the build-your-own-bowl concept came from chef and co-owner Walter Harris’s 2017 trip to Japan and fits perfectly into today’s lifestyle of getting healthy, fresh food fast.

More than just providing tasty food for lunch and dinner, Noodle Station has partnered with nearby live-music venue Culture Room to stay open late after concerts. They have also partnered with Aballinstudio to offer “Will Tell Jokes for Noodz,” a recurring Comedy Night held in the restaurant.

“We’re proud to be active in the community,” said Mitch Zelman, a partner of Noodle Station. “People are what bring a community together and we want to do more than just fill people’s stomachs with our high-quality ingredients.”

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Mitch Zelman Discusses How Technology Has Changed The Commercial Insurance Industry

The commercial insurance industry has been going through many changes lately, and it’s all thanks to technology. The latest advancements have taken the field by storm, improving customer service and efficiency and making things simpler for those looking to get a quote or purchase a new policy. Insurance experts, such as Mitchel Zelman, want you to learn more about how these developments will change the way you buy your next policy!

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Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Mitchel Zelman Joins Fishing Committee of Lighthouse Point Yacht Club

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Mitchel Zelman recently announced his membership to the Fishing Committee of Lighthouse Point Yacht Club. Zelman hopes to contribute positively by hosting events and raising awareness of ethical fishing practices in his community.

Deerfield Beach, Florida – February 10, 2022 – CEO and insurance expert Mitchel Zelman has recently been conferred membership in the Fishing Committee of Lighthouse Point Yacht Club. As an active member starting January 1, 2022, Zelman has been a great volunteer in hosting events, participating in committee meetings, and raising awareness of sustainable fishing practices in the yacht club and the community.

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NFE Athlete Spotlight: Mitch Zelman

In October 2016, Mitch Zelman will compete in the Ironman Kona World Championships. He will complete a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run. As a member of the NF Endurance team, he will also partner with an NF Hero for motivation and inspiration; Mitch has committed to raising $40,000 this year to support NF research. The experiences Mitch has had with the NF Endurance team have “changed my life in so many ways,” and we asked him to share how.

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Mitchel Zelman Featured in “Fort Lauderdale Restaurant Noodle Station Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary”


Noodle Station, a Fort Lauderdale restaurant serving bowls, bao, and beer, will celebrate its 2 year anniversary and belated grand opening on Saturday, February 5th, 2022.

Since Noodle Station opened shortly before the pandemic hit, the restaurant did not have an opportunity to do its planned March 2020 grand opening. As a result, Noodle Station is using the occasion of its 2 year anniversary to also have an official grand opening.

“We are so grateful to the community that helped our restaurant survive during these past two years,” said Mitchel Zelman, a partner of Noodle Station. “Now is the perfect time to celebrate our grand opening with the customers who helped us reach our second anniversary.”

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