Noodle Station Participates in the Save The Food Fest 22’ Event

On April 9th, 2022 participants came together to celebrate and learn about Food Waste Prevention Week during the Save The Food Fest 22’ event. Noodle Station, a Fort Lauderdale restaurant serving noodle bowls, bao, and beer, participated in the Save The Food event.

“We’re proud to be active in the community,” said Mitch Zelman, co-owner of Noodle Station. “People are what bring a community together and what better way to bring everyone together than serving great food and learning about ways to reduce food waste in the process.”

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Noodle Station “Will Tell Jokes for Noodz” Comedy Show Continues to be a Big Success

 Noodle Station, a Fort Lauderdale restaurant known for noodle bowls, bao, and beer, recently hosted another segment of “Will Tell Jokes for Noodz” – Presented by @aballincomedy. The April, 9th 2022 event featured a laugh-out-loud lineup of comedians, including comedian Abby Ballin who hosted the show.

“Noodle Station is excited to host another Will Tell Jokes for Noodz comedy show for all to enjoy,”

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Mitchel Zelman Discusses How Scholarships Are Lessening The Financial Burden Of Higher Education

Around the world, students are heading off to college or university. Some are heading off for the first time while others are returning after taking a few years off to work or raise a family. Regardless of which category you fall into, scholarships can and do play a key role in lessening the financial burden of higher education.

Mitchel Zelman is an enthusiastic supporter of scholarships and wants to see more students win them so they can ease the financial burden of higher education and get a jump on building a career.

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Mitchel Zelman Discusses 5 Reasons a Business Can Fail in Its First Year and How You Can Prevent It

Almost half of new businesses don’t last a full year, proving passion alone is not enough.

So why do businesses fail? Is there something inherent about startups that makes them destined to fail? And what can you do as a new business owner to protect yourself and ensure that your company has the best possible chances of success?

Today Mitchel Zelman is sharing his knowledge with us, helping to answer the question of why so many startups fail in the first year and offering tips on how to avoid failures in your own company.

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Mitch Zelman Shares Six Tips To Becoming A Successful E&S Property and Casualty Broker

To be successful in the E&S property and casualty insurance world, it is important to have several essential skills. From networking, relationship building, and selling skills to knowledge of the market, several things go into being a top broker. However, one of the most important things for success is having a firm grasp of insurance basics and training with experienced brokers in, the industry. This includes learning about the nuances of each policy, how they work and what is needed to process them. Mitch Zelman will discuss some tips that can help you succeed in the industry in this post.

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Entrepreneur Mitch Zelman Recently Launched the Last Look Consulting Group Website

Finance expert Mitch Zelman recently launched the Last Look Consulting Group website. Last Look Consulting Group offers sales training and business consultation programs to help companies build strong relationships with clients.

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 7, 2022 / Entrepreneur and broker Mitchel Zelman has launched a website for his new firm called Last Look Consulting Group. The sales training and consulting firm have the goal of helping professionals and companies thrive in building healthy relationships with current and future clients.

Being an entrepreneur and broker, he has several years of experience dealing with clients in various industries. Having extensive client-facing interactions, he recognized the importance of the “Last Look,” a business ethic of developing strong customer relationships.

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Food Critic Award-Winning Noodle Station Finishes 2021 Strong

Fort Lauderdale restaurant, Noodle Station, had an excellent 2021, appearing on TV and winning food critic awards.


Noodle Station, a Fort Lauderdale restaurant serving noodle bowls, bao, and beer, had an exceptional year in 2021. The fast-casual eatery appeared on Food Network and the Cooking Channel, won food critic awards, and has impressed many diners with their “Asian soul food.”

The idea for the build-your-own-bowl concept came from chef and co-owner Walter Harris’s 2017 trip to Japan and fits perfectly into today’s lifestyle of getting healthy, fresh food fast.

More than just providing tasty food for lunch and dinner, Noodle Station has partnered with nearby live-music venue Culture Room to stay open late after concerts. They have also partnered with Aballinstudio to offer “Will Tell Jokes for Noodz,” a recurring Comedy Night held in the restaurant.

“We’re proud to be active in the community,” said Mitch Zelman, a partner of Noodle Station. “People are what bring a community together and we want to do more than just fill people’s stomachs with our high-quality ingredients.”

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Mitch Zelman Discusses How Technology Has Changed The Commercial Insurance Industry

The commercial insurance industry has been going through many changes lately, and it’s all thanks to technology. The latest advancements have taken the field by storm, improving customer service and efficiency and making things simpler for those looking to get a quote or purchase a new policy. Insurance experts, such as Mitchel Zelman, want you to learn more about how these developments will change the way you buy your next policy!

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Last Look Consulting Group Founder Mitchel Zelman Continues to Stay Involved in the Community

Mitchel Zelman is the Chairman of the Fishing Committee for Lighthouse Point Yacht Club, Noodle Station partner, and founder of Last Look Consulting Group.

FORT LAUDERDALE , FL, USA, January 28, 2022

Mitchel Zelman makes it a priority to stay involved in the community. Between being a top fundraiser for multiple non-profit organizations to giving back in the more day-to-day activities, such as donating time to local fishing organizations, community involvement is extremely valued by Zelman and his consulting firm.

Chairman of the Fishing Committee for Lighthouse Point Yacht Club Mitch Zelman caught one of the largest Wahoo off Harbor Island Bahamas last year.

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